ProCal - Energy Supplement for Dairy Cows

April 28, 2016

Pro-Ag is pleased to announce the Canadian Registration of their newest energy source
for high producing dairy cows.

ProCal is an energy supplement that can be used in the production of premixes
and complete feeds.  It is fed to dairy cows at a rate of 200 to 500 grams
per day, depending on milk yield.

What is calcium salts of fatty acids?
The calcium soap/salt of long chain fatty acid or CaLCFA is a type of rumen bypass fat made especially for high milk-yielding dairy ruminants.  The CaLCFA is made by combining long chain fatty acids with a calcium source resulting in a soap that will stay inert in the rumen.  The CaLCFA once broken up in the abomasum, allows the fatty acids to be digested and converted into energy.

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